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Pay TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online

Everybody driving a vehicle on road has to pay toll tax. Many times it is very time to consume as you have to stop by to pay it. If the toll can be paid online, it is very blessing. The TOLL-BY-PLATE online program is such online service that allows you to pay unpaid tax for toll violations as uniform traffic citations. It also helps you with searching for a nearby location to pay for violations and citations if you want to pay in cash. In order to help you with it, it also provides the TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online Program Guide.

It also has SunPass program and the SunPass customers have to pay 25% less than cash customers on tolls with

TOLL-BY-PLATE. Moreover, by paying your toll online, you save on time as well as contribute towards saving energy.


TOLL-BY-PLATE is an image-based electronic toll collection system that identifies the customers responsible for payment using photographic images of vehicles license plate and it also helps identify how much customers are responsible to pay.The program provides a safe system and helps reducing traffic congestion and air pollution by providing an alternating method of payment. It also provides a Toll-By-Plate prepaid account and if you have this account, then you don’t need to pay monthly administrative charges.

How Can You Pay a TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online?


  • You must have a computer with an access to the internet.
  • You must have a credit card or bank account to make online payments.
  • You must have your TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice document sent by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) handy.
  • You must be the registered owner of the license plate consistent with what appears on the invoice document.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Login website at https://www.tollbyplate.com/invoice and then go to the “pay TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online” link.
  2. Enter your invoice document information, invoice ID and account number printed on the invoice document sent by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) in the specified boxes and then go to the “view documents”.
  3. In order to pay the invoice online, you need to log in.
  4. If you have received an Unpaid Toll violation if you have received a Uniform Traffic Citation, then go to the relevant links featured on the TOLL-BY-PLATE login website and pay it online.
  5. To get the more guidelines check the official website.

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