How to Claim Valet Parking Damage Insurance Policy?

How to Claim Valet Parking Damage Insurance Policy?

How to Claim Valet Parking Damage Insurance Policy?: Many times we wondered that what is going wrong with the car after turn the keys to the valet. Sometimes, the car got damaged after valet parking. And after damage, it becomes so difficult to prove that the car was damaged by the valet. Here we will discuss who is responsible when the car is damaged in the hotel parking.

We also discuss valet parking damage claims‎ process.

Now the question arises that who will be liable for damage and who will pay for the repairs. Well, it depends from state to state. Generally, the person driving the car or vehicle at the time of damage is proved to be liable for repairs. Mostly, hotels, malls, restaurants, or other establishments hire an employer on a contract basis for operating valet service.

If valet is a professional then the liability passes to his employer. Whenever pick up the car from parking, it is advisable to immediately report any damage if you got.

Let’s check valet parking damage claims‎ process. Many places at parking are marked by signs stating that they are not responsible for damage to the vehicle. This instruction is labeled because they have hired an independent company to handle the parking.

It clearly meant that the valet company was required to carry its own insurance and Insure its employees against damage to the vehicles they park. In this condition, j to the manager of Valet Company to give phone number and address of their corporate office to speak someone about filing the claim.

Suppose the site manager denies giving information and then talks to the manager of the establishment. They will provide the details about the responsible valet company. If the damage is severe, the person may call the police to report the incident.

Collect all the information regarding the name and address of the visited company, the name, and address of the valet company and the name and address of the specific driver who damaged the car, if anyone suppressed.

Give these all information to the insurance company and explain the situation. The insurance company will find out the truth and responsible person for paying damage by taking help of resources.

If the damage is intense and immediately need to have repaired then the owner of the vehicle can file a claim with the insurance company. They will help to get the claim money in any way for the customer. However, he will have to pay the deductible and hope the insurance company can collect that money for him.

The person may ask for valet/parking insurance separately to his insurer which covered personal injury caused by a valet and garage keepers’ legal liability or vehicle thefts occur in the insured lot or garage. Read more articles on daily rewards.

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