Login: Mail Rewards Club Card Login becomes second biggest selling the newspaper in the United Kingdom. It publishes regular news copies from Monday to Saturday and special copies with sub-magazines on Sunday. It also ranks number three in the circulation of all the English language daily newspapers in the world. Here we get step by step guide for Login, it is very useful for new users. You can also check official website if you have any query or question.

Mail Rewards Club Card Login

  • It is a club set up by Daily Mail to provide special rewards for the readers of the Mail. Every reader can get the chance of becoming a member by collecting unique numbers from Saturday and Sunday Daily Mail which also contains Weekend Magazine on Saturdays and Live Magazine on Sundays.
  • You have to collect your unique number, generally given in back page of the newspaper, and enter them into your account. Unique numbers are 12 digit numbers appear on the bottom of the back page of the newspaper every day. For every collection, you will be rewarded with different awards. For example, if you get 7 numbers out of 8, you will get Gold Rewards. By using them, you will get free movie tickets, meals, DVDs, many popular and famous stores and much more.
Mail Rewards Club Card Login is very easy with the step by step guide, you can access your account very easy. If you face any login problem then contact customer service department.

How to make an account get rewards?

  • Before getting register, read the Weekend Magazine on Saturdays and Live Magazine on Sundays and collect the Unique Number cards to enter into your account.
  • Go to the link and go to “Join” button on the right-hand side of the page. (It is also known as mail rewards club card login)
  • Provide your personal information such as your name, date of birth, email address, etc. then choose the appropriate password to access your account.
  • Click on “submit” button after filling details. You will now able to access your account and you become a member of Mail Rewards Club.
  • You need to enter collected numbers before every fourth day from the date of publication. Check your account information regularly so that you know on which day you should enter numbers. You can get more details from the official website.

Mail Rewards Club points

  • Unique numbers have mail point value. Usually, the value of each Mail point is different on respective days. The unique numbers, you collect on Saturday and Sunday have more values. Collected mail Reward Points can be exchanged for FREE Rewards in the Mail Rewards Club Shop. Mail Points are automatically banked every time you enter your Unique Numbers from your newspaper and successfully complete the Online Verification System. Your Mail Rewards Club Bank Account balance shows how many Mail Points you have earned.
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