: Better Doctor Validation is the most trusted source of validated doctor data. It delivers accurate provider directory data to ensure health plans, health systems, provider groups and doctors are regulation-compliant. Here we will check how to do and how to enter validation access code.

Verify.betterdoctor can provide patients with care they’re looking for. Its data and services power health plan directories, consumer review sites and individual. The company makes it easier for patients and doctors to connect by working with health plans, provider groups, health systems and startups to create and deliver high quality, accurate data to the marketplace at large. tools help to bring trust, transparency and confidence to the process of finding a doctor.


Better Doctor Validation Program is associated with Humana, Oscar, Providence Health Network, Western Advantage Group and Washington Health Plan Finder. Validate Program is managed by Better Doctor Inc. who is accredited with the BBB. It is a free validation service for all. Validation will take less than 2 minutes to complete. In order to validate online the user will need to provide the access code and failure to validate this crucial information may result in being removed from one or more health plan online print directories as required by state and or federal regulations.

You can verify a provider’s information to comply with state and federal requirements. For the whole process you have to require an internet connection and an access code.

BetterDoctor has Works For

  • For Health Plans: Efficient provider network validation service
  • For Providers: Straightforward self-reporting portal that’s easy to use
  • For Large Groups and Health Systems: Participating groups can use existing roster files to provide updates
  • For Partners: Real-time provider data directly from the doctor’s office Validate Access Note

  • Users must need an internet access and access code.
  • Users who don’t have an access code can obtain it by providing their name, title, phone number and email address
  • Validation Form may be completed by anybody authorized to report information to health plans at the practice in questions
  • The title will be either provider, office manager or practice manager
  • Codes are only viable during the current reporting period so if you received an access code in end then it will be expired
  • Each reporting period is 3 months long and rung along a set schedule
  • This is a must service for officers looking to obtain validation ( Validate)

You can visit the official website at for more details.