How to Find FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animals

In Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, you can capture and raise creatures in your own personal utopia in Island Sanctuary.

Some animals are harder to come across than others because they only appear at certain times or in certain climates.

Follow our FFXIV guide to find out what locations are home to rare animals and what kinds of weather conditions they must have to spawn there.

There is currently a bug where some of the rare animals will not spawn. This often happens to creatures that have to have both a temperature and time requirement, but the cohesion community of the Island Sanctuary has experienced a provisional fix that works for some faster.

To spawn a rare animal that has both weather and time requirements, you should:

  • Have no other players on your island
  • Leave your island before the weather changes (Midnight, 8 am, 4 pm Eorzean time)
  • Wait for 5 Eorzen minutes past the rare monster’s spawn time
  • Load back into your island, and check to see if your monster spawned.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Rare Animals Guide

Unlocking Island Sanctuary is the pride of any player who has completed the Endwalker backer. If you’re a novice or a newcomer to the game, it will be extremely hard for you to join the servers on launch day.

If you are lucky enough to have seen the ending of the Endwalker saga, though not, you are all set. Head down for the Old Sharlayan Treasure Hunt on your map. Look for the sea of people.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Rare Creature Locations Map And Chart

As is usually the case with any deep content like this, the FFXIV community has worked hard to uncover and document every little nook and cranny.

For one, FFXIV subreddit user CivilizedPsycho drew up an annotated map of when and where rare creatures spawn all across the Island Sanctuary.

Can I Transfer Island Representative Animal Crossing

There are specific directions depending on how old the ‘Source’ Switch (the old one) has become. Let’s look at both in this detail on Nintendo’s webpage, beginning with whole-island transfers.

  1. Download the Island Transfer Tool on the source system

In order to transfer Animal Crossing data from Switch to Switch console, you must download a free Island Transfer Tool from the eShop.

At the eShop, enter “Island transfer” and it should pop up. It is also important that you update the game to the latest version.

  1. If you’re not using the old Switch in your household anymore (eg. you’re selling it or giving it away), Transfer all User Data

Follow the system transfer guide to transfer all data (and save data) to the target Switch, and then return here when you’re done.

You can do this process for multiple users, if necessary. If the old Switch remains in your household, you can simply skip the Animal Crossing data.

  1. Download the Animal Crossing Island Transfer Tool on the target system

You’ll also need to make sure that the game is updated to the latest version on the target system, too.

Once the game and Transfer Tool are on both systems, open the Island Transfer Tool on both.

  1. Follow the instructions in the Island Transfer Tool on both systems
  • Select ‘Continue’ and ‘Let’s Begin’
  • Select ‘Source’ on the source system (your old Switch), and select ‘Yes’ to confirm the name of your island
  • Select ‘Target’ on the target system (your new Switch)
  • Select ‘Continue’ on the source Switch and ‘Proceed’ on the target Switch
  • Select ‘Transfer data’ on the source Switch once it detects the target console
  • Select ‘Proceed’ again on the target Switch once it detects the source console
  1. Wait for the transfer to complete… and almost done!

Once the transfer is finished, the data on the source system will have been deleted and you can carry on where you left off on the new system.

If you’re keeping your old Switch, there are a few extra steps to follow. Here

How To Get Animals To Leave Your Island Animal Crossing

One of the most effective ways of demonstrating that sight is no longer welcome is by simply ignoring it. Think about social distancing to an extreme.

Don’t engage in their conversations, don’t fulfill requests or tasks for them, and don’t interact with them in any fashion whatsoever.

Pretend they don’t even exist, while socializing with other villagers to the maximum. Doing this can help foster disinterest, which may lead to the next stage.

To avoid accidentally interacting with problem villagers, try politely yet firmly enforcing distancing by creating fencing around their homes.

After you have disappeared from your intended location, watch for the sight of that particular individual for some time.

Once they appear with a thought bubble over their heads, or run up to you and shout your name, you will have to go in an attempt to solve this – because this means that they are in an urgent situation.

Sometimes they will certainly have a unique task or demand, or they want to educate you on an opinion, but there’s also a possibility that a villager displaying variations of these signs is planning to move, and a football player must be there so as to solidify the final decision.

This can easily happen to a villager you like, so be sure to give the appropriate answer depending on who you’re talking to, and either encourage them to leave or convince them to stay.

If it’s not the villager you want off your island, keep checking in every day until they decide to call it quits. This article will help you to get the most information about how to find FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animals. Read more articles on dailyrewards.