Why Would CarMax Deny My Full Coverage Insurance For A 24-Hour Test Drive?

According to the Official Website of Car Max to take a 24-hour test drive, you must show that you have both comprehensive and collision coverage. So, if you have any of them Coverage Plans then you can take a 24-hour test drive.

CarMax denied you for a 24-hour test drive because you do not have comprehensive or collision coverage insurance which is most needed for a long-term test drive.

The dealership typically will ask you for your full insurance information and license to protect them in case anything happens, but you should be able to take a car on a longer test drive if you have a real intention of buying a car.

What Type Of Insurance Is Required For 24-Hour Test Drive?

To take a 24-hour test drive, you must show that you have both comprehensive and collision coverage. You can:

  • Bring your insurance card or binder, OR
  • Show your online coverage once you arrive in-store, OR
  • Call your insurance company once you arrive to have an agent verify by phone.

If your coverage does not include comprehensive and collision, you can take a traditional or solo test drive at the store.

How Does CarMax Work?

CarMax is a used car dealer that has a “no-haggle” policy for selling and buying used vehicles. That policy is intended to simplify the process for people who don’t want to spend hours at a dealership dickering over prices.

CarMax has more than 200 physical locations located across the U.S., but you can actually do most of what’s involved in buying or selling a car with CarMax online.

Pros & Cons of CarMax


  • Offers a three-day window to replace CarMax financing with a better loan offer.
  • The application process can be 100% online including document upload.
  • The minimum loan amount is lower than other lenders.
  • CarMax Auto Finance borrowers can select payment due dates and manage their loans through the MyCarMax online platform.


  • Maximum APR is higher than many other lenders.
  • Only finances vehicles sold through CarMax.
  • Does not offer pre-qualification with a soft credit check.
  • Does not allow co-signers, only co-borrowers.

Key facts about Buying a car from CarMax

  • No-haggle pricing. Prices are non-negotiable.
  • Delivers vehicles at no cost in certain areas.
  • 30-day return option.
  • Large national inventory with shipping options.
  • Does not accept credit cards for down payments.

CarMax’s “Love Your Car” guarantee

Now Car Max Dealer will allow you to take a car to your home for the night so that you can show it off to your family and friends.

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Also, the salesperson at CarMax will now let you take that car at home because the retailer recently unveiled its new “love your car” guarantee, which not only includes a 24-hour test drive, but also a 30-day return policy. Read more articles on dailyrewards.