How to Start a Pet Sitting Business?

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business?

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business: Let’s discuss on how to have a successful pet sitting business. In this tough time of recession, career opportunities for pet lovers have come across. This enhanced new employment for animal lovers that allow them to work around furry and feathery friends who are called ‘Pet-Sitters’.

People, who can’t care for their pets in the daytime or go out of the city, leave their pets like dogs and cats with pet-sitters for summary care. In return, they charge a fixed amount from owners.

How to Start a Pet Sitting?

To brighten this career, one needs only a little amount of money and knowledge about pets. Though the opportunity is created for dogs and cats first, there are also great chances for bird sitters who charge $35 for a single visit. The startup tab runs around $500, including business cards, an extra leash, a first-aid kit for dogs, and bonding.

Learners also get earn a certificate from schools like the New York School of Dog Grooming or the Nash Academy. Here are a few tips for dog-walking and sitting necessary to follow.

1) Research:

Before giving training to dogs, read training manuals and also visit the pet store to learn about the different leashes and collars. Google will most help in taking care of them.

2) Visit the vet:

Advertising in starting a business is an essential factor. Advertise in the local area as well as a local vet. Also, take the help of friends in publicity. Community sites like Craigslist also become useful.

3) Join in:

Organizations like the National Association of Professional Pet-Sitters have websites worldwide. Pet lovers can register themselves by a sign-in with dog-walking organizations. It gives chance to explore your service, help in finding out new clients and many more advertisement.

4) Cover your tracks:

An insurance policy is also available for this. For the coverage of $5,000- normally a premium of $50 has to be paid. And $275 bond is required for the liability coverage of $25,000 for a year.

5) Know the going rates:

Generally, dog walkers charge $16 per half-hour and $27 per hour on average. Overnight pet- sitting including three walks and a sleepover can earn around $100 a day for dog walkers.

6) Dress like a human being:

When going to a customer’s house, dress in a proper way. It is a profession and dress should be according to it.

7) Like dogs:

Do not seek to pursue from dogs. They also want a summary- care, love, and ardor. Remember, great enthusiasm will earn more at the end of the day. Read more articles on dailyrewards.

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