Red Light Violations : Pay My Ticket Online Red Light Violations Red Light Violations : Pay the tickets online is designed as a convenient payment mechanism for the public. PayonlineTicket is operated by SafeSpeed LLC. Payment of the ticket will be construed as a waiver of important substantive rights. It uses SSL to encrypt your personal credit information. It makes no representations or warranties of any kind. If you dispute the validity or amount of the violation or if you have questions about the violation, you should not use

It is Ideal for consumers looking to pay a bothersome red light violation online. Two types of red light traffic tickets are associated with the service where one for those tickets received for making a right on red and another one is for those tickets receive for running a red light. Both types of tickets can be paid online with the ticket number.

Pay My Tickets Online is not intended to use for the children who are below 13 year. If any user is below 18 year old then they can only use this service with your parents or guardians participation. If user unfortunately receives red light violation notice, they are requested to check the pay details through “Pay By” date or you will be fined an extra $100 for each violation. If you paid through credit card then you will be charged a facility fee for this service. Total transaction is including the convenience fees for the transaction.

How to Access Website

Basic Requirement:

  • You must have a device with an internet access
  • You have to provide your Ticket Number


  • First go to the official website
  • Here enter your Ticket Number which associated with the violation
  • Enter the Text given for the security check
  • Then press “Search” button at given below
  • If you don’t have a ticket number then you can provide your personal details
  • You can find your ticket number by clicking the link “Don’t know the ticket number?
  • Enter your license plate number, license state and user’s last name or the company’s name
  • Tickets Number can be found on the “Notice of Violation or Liability” letter receive via US Mail.

Remember for

  • Vehicle’s registered owner is responsible for any automated traffic law violations
  • If the person is renting questions in a car, the person designated as a vehicle driver on a tenant or lease agreement is responsible for any alleged violation during the rental period
  • If auto is stolen, the auto owner will not be liable to pay a ticket associated with a red light violation; it can prove that the vehicle may be stolen at the time of the violation.
  • If the violator had an auto-authorized emergency vehicle or was delivering an emergency vehicle properly, then the ticket would be tossed most often.

Contact Information:

  • Paying a Ticket Online Contact Number: 1-877-262-3318
  • Customer Care Number for Other Help: 1-877-262-3356

You can call on given number for any further information about Red Light Violations.