Nicholson’s Pub Survey for Discount Code

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Nicholson’s Pub Survey

Nicholson’s Pub Survey: The Pub offers delicious own recipes in a variety of Nicholson pub menu. It has Premium line-caught cod fillet, Sausage, and mash, classic burger, lamb meatballs, Steak Frites, pulled beef pudding, etc in lunch, various types of sandwiches and fresh salads with citrus dressing and toppings.

You also enjoy your favorite food like seasonal vegetable soup, chicken and chorizo skewers with watercress and salsa, half roast duck, glazed chicken, beef, and vintage ale pie, lamb shank pie, house salad, grilled chicken. Here you can check the full guide for Nicholson’s Pub Survey.

It also gives a chance to win so many prizes daily and weekly to its all visitors. You may win a daily prize of £1000, three prizes worth of £1500 per week and one 8 GB iPod Nano instant prize per day. Last two entries are valid for mail and web entry only.

Nicholson’s Pub Survey Sweepstakes

You can participate in Nicholson’s Pub Survey by many ways as suits and convenient to you. Here, we have described methods of survey, in brief, read them below:

1) To Participate in Survey, you can call at a toll-free number of Pub.

2) You may send a message to take part on a number given in Invitation Instruction.

3) You can obtain Sponsor’s Go-Recommend application and request to take part in Pub Survey Sweepstakes.

4) If above all options are not suitable for you, you kindly write a letter to given address. Write a letter in your handwriting written as “Please enter me in the EMPATHICA Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one Daily Prize”  along with your first name, last name, contact number, full address without PO Boxes, email address and the name of a participating person. Put the letter in a cover and send to the following address.

Birmingham, UK, B1 1DB

5) The easiest way is to participate online. For online participation, go to the website Insert your survey entry code or telephone number of a visited pub in the box provided on the site and click on “Enter” button.

Here, you will ask questions about your visit at Nicholson’s Pub such as “Where did you sit?”, “Was your order complete and accurate?” “How likely is it that you will return to this Boston’s Pizza location?” Answer all the questions and rate them on your experience at Pub. Click on “submit” button when you finish it.

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