Rewards Letter Sample: How to Write a Rewards Letter?

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Rewards Letter Sample

Rewards Letter Sample: So many companies now a day create an event, competition, contest, or such to entice their customers to develop the business. When you, your company, or organization arrange any reward program, a selected person comes to know about their winning. You can inform us about that by mailing a formal letter about his winning. How to Write a Rewards Letter?

Rewards Letter Sample

This is necessary to build a record of rewards like the reward, the amount of the reward; the person gets the reward, and much more. It becomes helpful to you and your organization/ your company. The instructions, to keep in mind while writing the letter are given below.

Instructions to Write a Rewards Letter

  1. Take a letter paper of good quality. Handwriting should be neat and clean, also you can print the letter. At the top of the letter, write your own name or the name of your company or organization on letterhead.
  2. It is advisable to put any information about the receiver as identification. You can include your name and contact information or any account number you may know or any other numbers that affect that person to your company or organization.
  3. The beginning of the letter starts with congratulating the person by mentioning “Dear” or “Mr.XYZ”. Write the process/event of how he receives the reward. It may be a contest or sweepstakes or competition. You can also describe the process for choosing the winner or winners for the reward by your company. Write the procedure of choosing the winner so that they come to know about you.
  4. In the letter, describe the list of rewards he is getting towards the contest. It may be cash, free tour, free gift vouchers, discount, etc. Many times; the person has an option to choose from the list provided. If you have such a scheme, you can provide the options.
  5. The process of getting a reward should be easy and simple. Mention the whole process to give him an idea. The language should be clear and if possible you can use a chart or a diagram.
  6. Mention the details or required proofs to claim the reward so that they can come with all necessary. Do not pay attention to how long the letter is but keep in mind that it should include all the details.
  7. At the end of the letter, congratulate the person again and make your signature with your full name. If the reward is given from your company/ organization, including its name, your designation, and employer’s name.
  8. The signature should be wrapped under “Sincerely” or such title which can be in printed letters. Read more articles on dailyrewards.
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