Everyday Rewards Card Replacement: How to get a Replacement Rewards Card?

Everyday Rewards Card Replacement: How to get a Replacement Rewards Card?

Everyday Rewards Card Replacement: Reward Cards are generally made of plastic or paper material that looks like a credit card or debit card. This is a medium to identify a person (card holder) as a member of a loyalty program or reward program. Here we get a guide or help for replacing your rewards cards like every day, Speedy, or Power Up Cards.

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These cards are known by many names such as Point Card, Reward Card, Discount Card, and Loyalty Card based on country. Reward Card is convenient to carry and it includes a barcode or magstripe which can be scanned.

Many companies offer credit cards that come with a reward point system. When you purchase anything, you will be awarded some reward points as a percentage of the purchase amount. When you collected enough reward points, you can redeem them for additional purchases, merchandise, or discounts.

Reward cards are established to make a customer a regular visit to the store. Sometimes it may happen that the card loses or stolen, at that time, you should take the required steps to stop the misuse of the card. You can report at your company about loss or stolen and get a new Reward card which is free. Following are some steps to be taken to replace a card.

Instructions to be followed to replace a Rewards Card:

  1. There are many circumstances where you have to replace your card. You have to make a complaint or apply for new when your card is stolen or lost or become scrap. There is a simple process to replace your rewards card.
  2. Go to the store which has issued your rewards card. Go to the desk of the customer relations manager’s desk and ask if he can replace it. Some of the stores can replace it on the spot or some require to go online and report lost or stolen.
  3. If they ask to report online, go to the official website of the reward card company. Login to your account by entering your username and password.
  4. A screen will open with your account information. You will see the links showing lost/ missing/ stolen card links. Click on the appropriate link and insert required information such as personal details, number of issuing cards, and other details.
  5. It is advisable to check the balance when you replace your points. Login to your account to check whether the balance is transferred to your new card.
  6. If you have not found your Balance in your account, immediately contact the customer care executive personally or on the telephone number. You will find the customer service number on the back side of the card.

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