Walmart Wire Direct Deposit: How to add Money into Walmart Money Card?

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Walmart Wire Direct Deposit

Walmart Wire Direct Deposit: Many users have a common question “How to Direct Deposit into Walmart Money Card?” So, here we will discuss in detail about all things. Actually, Walmart Money card is a prepaid debit card. This card is used anywhere where the Master-Card logo is found and accepted. With this card, it becomes very easy to carry on the purchasing transaction.

There are many different ways of depositing the money to these cards, for some of the procedure, there is a fee where for other there is no fee. As per the financial needs, one can choose the option and deposit the money to the Walmart Money Card and used the same to any of the stores.

Different ways to transfer the money into the Walmart Money card

  1. Deposit the money to your card instantly after you pay the checkout clerk. One can deposit up to $1,100 per day. Once you have deposited the amount you can bring the card and can swipe.
  2. One can also deposit the amount into the Money card by cheque. One just needs to deposit the cheque at the cheque out stand. They will verify the money through electronic cheque deposit. One can deposit $1500 each day by cheque
  3. Another way to deposit the cash into the Walmart money card is through Kiosk. For the same go to the Walmart Money Express Center Kiosk, there just swap your card, enter the pin number and insert the cash you want to deposit into the machine. They will charge $3 for each kiosk deposit.
  4. You can also deposit the cash directly from the employer to your Walmart Money card. For the same, you just need to provide routing number and account number and also avoided blank cheque to the Walmart customer service desk in order to direct deposit the cash into the Walmart money card
  5. One can also buy the ‘Money Pack’ from Walmart stores, in money pack, there is a prepaid card with PIN numbers. Pay the same at the cheque out counter, scratch at the back after the card is swiped than calling the toll-free number to provide the PIN for the Money card and deposit the cash instantly
  6. The another way to transfer the money into the Walmart Money card is through Bank Wire Transfer i.e. You just need to provide the Money card account number and ask your bank to transfer the money into that account. For the same, you just need to pay the wire transfer fee.

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