How to Cash a Cheque in Someone Else’s Name?

How to cash a cheque?

A cheque is a document which orders bank to pay the written amount on the cheque to the people in whose favour the cheque is written. Whether you have a bank account or not you can cash a cheque. Many people have a common question like, how to cash a cheque in someone else’s name? You can cash a cheque in the ways as prescribed below:

• Before going to cash a cheque you should first make sure about the person who wrote a check in your favour in a good manner. Sometimes cheque will be bounced. So make sure a cheque is written in a true manner. You should also make sure about the other necessary information like contact information of the person who wrote the cheque, the name of the bank on the cheque, etc.

• After ensuring all information about the cheque you should endorse a cheque before you are going to cash a cheque. You should sign the cheque behind a cheque with using a sign of “X”.

• After endorsing cheque cash it as soon as possible before its expiry date. If there is no expiry date on a cheque banks can’t accept it after 6 months from the date of its written date.

• If you have not your own bank account you can still cash a cheque. You should take your photo ID proof and go to the bank and ask banker where a cheque is cashed from. Many a time bank will take a charge for a transaction. You should pay that and cash your cheque amount.

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