DX Freight Redelivery: Arrange a Redelivery for a DX Courier UK Item

DX Freight UK Tracking

DX freight tracking parcel/Redelivery option is available online. Many times one needs to redeliver an item. Book Redelivery is easy for customers of DX group as they can make a request for DX freight re-delivery service online. It is very simple one just need to book at the website www.thedx.co.uk/delivery. If you want to make a request for your courier in charge of by DX, you can book by making a request.

DX service allows the customer to select the preferred delivery date while putting a request. You can keep your original delivery address or change it to an alternative address. The service is very quick and the item can be delivered the very next day if the request is submitted by 6.00 pm.

This group is one of the leading company that provides independent mail, courier and logistics services the UK and Ireland. The Company works with joint businesses of DX Network service, Secure Mail service, and DX Business Direct Ltd. It is very secure, efficient and reliable delivery network and contacts customers either via voice mail, letter, calling card or text messages.

Booking and arranging delivery with DX is very easy and can be done online. This service also allows for tracking of the delivery item by providing a tracking number and postcode mentioned in the delivery address.

How to Book a Redelivery for a DX Courier UK Item?


  • You must have a valid tracking reference number. You will be informed by text, calling card or letter, if your item is held by DX currently.
  • If you want to arrange delivery for the next day then you must submit your request before 6 pm that day.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the website at www.thedx.co.uk/delivery to book by yourself.
  2. Provide your tracking reference number, title, initials, surname, postcode of original delivery address, contact number, select your preferred delivery date, select if you want to use the last delivery address or change to an alternative address and then click on the “Continue” button.
  3. Complete delivery booking requests following all the given instruction.
  4. For any further question, and general services FAQs, you can always visit the official website.

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