Claim A Rebate at Easy Comforts Walter Drake Guide is a part of This service allows you to claim your rebate on any purchasing you have done. For the same, you just have to select the merchant from the given list and then you can easily claim your rebate which ultimately helps you to save your money. Here we will discuss on Easy Comforts and their reviews. You can carry this activity online by just enrolling yourself online with the service and then you can easily avail all the benefit of discount, refund and of much more. You can also check more details on the official website.

Once you have enrolled yourself, you can also ask for the free shipping on many products. It is also advisable to become the member as it will provide you the protection and convenience at all the store you know and also they will guide you by their exclusive directory which covers over 1500 best merchants n the web.

Following are some benefits you will get once you become a member of it:

  • Instant free shipping by which you can save your shipping cost at checkouts which will save your money.
  • Cashback free shipping in which you can get up to $10 per claims and $500 per year in exclusive free shipping mail-in rebates.
  • Return shipping in which it becomes very easy for you if you want to return any item which you have purchased but they will take the same up to $500 and not more than that.
  • Complete price protection: by this, you will get the best price on whatever you purchase as you will get complete protection.
  • Coupons: Once you become a member you will get different coupons in which you will get the chance of getting a discount or any other deals which help you to save more.

Way to claim a rebate for your purchase at

It is very easy and simple to claim a rebate for your purchase at website as for the same you need to have a computer or any other device with an internet connection from where you can access its website; you need to have valid email address and valid account and card.


  1. Visit the website
  2. There provide your personal details like first name, last name, email address and then provide your account information and card information.
  3. Once you have provided the details click the icon stating “submit”
  4. Now follow the instruction given there to complete the process.

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