Chase Credit Line Increase : How to Increase Credit Limit

Chase Credit Line Increase

What is Credit Line? Credit limit grants maximum credit to a financial institution by credit line as well as the maximum amount a credit card company allows a borrower to spend on a single card. Here we will discuss on Chase credit line increase help and steps for how to increase credit limit Chase.

Why Credit Line Increase is Required?

It is useful to heavy spenders who want more spending flexibility, increased purchasing power and confidence knowing they are covered when unexpected expenses arise. It will help you to increase your purchasing power.

How to Request Chase Credit Limit Increase?

If you believe that you will qualify for the power of your Chase Credit Card costs, you can complete the online process by Phone or via Secure Message functionality. So, now let’s check step by step guide on how to request Chase credit limit increase.

1) By Phone

To request for the Chase credit limit increasing by phone you can contact Chase using the number on the back of your card or billing statement. You will need the last four digits of your account to navigate through the phone menu. When you have connected with a chase representative you can request the limit increase and begin the brief application process. During that period you have to provide your current household income, monthly housing payment and employment status.

Some applicants may also be required to provide information about their annual non-taxable income and total amount of the credit line increase request. To obtain copy of your credit report verifies all details verbally with the representative. You are approved or denied by the end of the call.

2) By Secure Message

To request by secure message you must Login to your account and select the ‘Secure Messages’ from the drop down menu. Now select ‘Compose Message’. Go to the ‘Credit Cards & Products’ Menu and select ‘Other/Inquiry not Listed’ option. Select the Account Number for the card in question & submit a message stating your desire to increase your credit limit. After receive a request you will contact by chase team for further information like your annual income, housing payment, employment status, etc.

For Any Questions call on customer service number: 1-877-242-7372

Chase Increase My Line Important Notes

  • Customer’s credit score will not be pulled.
  • Customers will have to provide a variety of income related information to include salary and net worth.
  • Customers will not be charged a fee for requesting a credit increase.
  • Credit line increases will be determined immediately.
  • Customer will need your personal code of 10 digits can be found on offer Letter.

Benefits of Using Chase Credit Line

  • It increases your credit Rating.
  • You will get more reward by spend more money.
  • Chase Increase My Line request will result in a credit pull.
  • There is no fee with credit line increase request.

Chase Customer Service Information

  • Chase Phone No.: 1-800-935-9935
  • Outside the United States: 1-713-262-3300