Advantages of Buying Insurance Online with Best Insurance Companies in India

Best Insurance Companies in India

Best Insurance Companies in India: Here we will discuss on online insurance benefits, advantages and disadvantages. A new survey says that by December 2015 number of Indians using the internet has crossed 40 crores. India now stands on number two after China in use of the internet.

This increasing use of the internet will affect all types of trades and business. All companies are preparing themselves for this type of change. Customers should also be ready for this type of scenario. If used in a correct manner, the internet will not only be beneficial to business people but also to the customers.

Increasing use of the internet is changing the decisions made by customers. According to the survey conducted by Boston Consulting group, 40% of people in cities search about the service or products they wish to buy.

Increasing use of smartphones and internet is changing the entire scenario for customers. By 2017, around 31-32 crore Indians will have smartphones. This will bring lots of changes in coming times.

The Internet will also bring changes in insurance field too. But the main question is that whether all insurance companies are ready for change? But when we look at the way insurance companies are preparing themselves it seems they are ready for the change. Insurance companies have started using the internet for following four issues:

  1. Many insurance companies have started contacting their customers through online. The Internet decreases the geographical distance between insurance companies and customers. Also, customers can also contact easily with companies for their needs and queries.
  2. Sale of insurance policies through the internet has now become very common. Sale of policies through brokers have decreased now. Nowadays, customers and insurance companies contact each other directly through the online.
  3. Through the websites, companies now listen and solve customer’s problem quickly and effectively.

But still many people still feel it more comfortable to be in direct contact with the insurance companies rather being virtually contacted through online. So, insurance companies will have to keep in mind customers of both types. Reports by IBM suggests that health insurance sector will be affected the most by the internet.

Many health insurance companies have noted and accepted this change and have started acting accordingly. Increasing effect of the internet will give chance to insurance companies to prove that nothing is more important to them than their customers. Companies that will bring and accept this change faster will move ahead of its competitors.

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