6 Things That Will Cost More in 2022 : What to Do about Them

The prices of grocery, gas, fuel, medical costs, clothes & education going up

New Year 2022 has come with lots of opportunities. Besides this, we also came to listen to price rise of various day to day necessities. The prices of grocery, gas, fuel, medical costs, clothes, education and other things are going up. Let’s discuss the headings in detail.

1) Grocery:

In this year, food prices are increased by 5% to 7% overall. The main factor of price rise is at higher prices of corn and soybean. Besides this, dairy products and meat also hike because of increase in the price of foraging. In this situation, Sign up for sites that offering grocery coupons and go for shopping on special days when discounts are offered. Don’t buy impulse items and plant vegetables at home if there is enough space.

2) Gas and Fuel:

Due to unexpected weather and high demand for fuel in Europe, crude oil’s price increase. Gas prices are also hiked day by day because of relatively more use. To overcome this problem, use carpooling, car share, ride a bike or take walk to go to near places. Wear a sweater at home instead of using the thermostat. Prefer to use solar panel and seal cracks or leaks ar the und window.

3) Health Insurance and Medical Cost:

Every year health premium cost raise up 60% to 100% for the same plan depends on health insurance Company. The Department of Health and Human Services wasn’t given enforcement authority to do anything about it even if the hikes are deemed unreasonable. To solve this problem, always recommend high deductible health plan. Take catastrophic plan for the things that you can’t handle yourself. For example, a person may be handle medical bill of $10,000 but not $100,000.

4) Clothing cost:

Cotton price is hike about 80% than the last year therefore it is more expensive now. Due to price rise of cotton, apparels are also become costly. Do not buy new clothes if not necessary. Celebrate clothing swap day among friend and at school or party.

5) Colleges and Universities:

Colleges and universities are getting more expensive by almost 8%. Instead of going there, enroll in community college (which are cheaper) or take some other courses in the summer.

6) Bank and Bank Cards Fees:

Many banks are collecting charge for checking, ATM facility, safety deposit box, talking to a teller. Check around the city for better and low charging banks to get cheap rates of services.

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