DCS Reliacard Strong Security Authentication Enrollment

DCS Reliacard security enrollment form

US bank Reliacard login: Prepaid card users’ most concern is security and customers prefer cards that provide the best security. The DCS Reliacard is a prepaid card relied on by many. It provides online service called the DCS ReliaCard Strong Authentication to the cardholders. The cardholders have to enroll for the online authentication service for their Card accounts at the website of www.dcscard.com. The enrollment process is very easy and takes very few steps online.

This online authentication service provides for protecting online DCS Reliacard account and provide security to their private information. In order to provide security, visual cues are given every time you sign into your account if you are enrolled in the Authentication service. It also makes sure that the account information has been accessed by you other individuals authorized by you.

About US Bank and DCS Reliacard

US Bank is a part of diversified financial company US Bancorp. It is a nationally chartered bank and is the fifth largest bank in the US by assets having about $554 billion. It offers services in 25 states in the United States with 3,085 branch offices and is ranked fourth when it comes to a number of branches. It provides a wide range of services in banking and wealth management. It has a very large pool of employees, about 65,000 to help and support the customers.

DCS prepaid Reliacards are issued by the bank and agencies associated with it can make direct payment to the card’s account. The cards are very popular for secure authentication and the most relied on. The cardholder can use the card to make the purchase, pay bills, and withdraw cash from ATM etc.

How Can You Enroll in DCS ReliaCard Strong Authentication?


  • You must be a cardholder.
  • You must have a computer with access to the internet.


  1. Visit the website at www.dcscard.com
  2. Click on the “First Time Signing On”.
  3. Provide your card number, pin number, card verification number, and the code displayed on the screen, and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Provide your personal information as asked and click and finally click on the “Submit” button.

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