Weis Gas Points: How to Redeem Weis Gas Points at Sheetz

Where can I Redeem Weis Gas Points

How to use Weis points: Many user have a common question like, where can I redeem weis gas points? Many user also searching for expiration date and want to know when do weis points expire this month? It is a chain of superstores which was founded in the year 1912 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Weis Markets sells a variety of house brands under the private brand labels like Weis Quality,  Five Star (premium), Market Street (deli meat), Steakhouse Angus (meat), PA Proud Choice Angus Beef, Valutime, Paws Premium, TopCare, Full Circle, etc.

Weis Gas Points Expiration Date

Weis Gas Points Expiration Date is one year after the last day of the month in which the point was earned. You can still use weis points at sheetz. The points will be printed at the bottom of the receipt and you can check it online by logging into your MyWeis account. Now we check short guide on how to redeem Weis gas points at sheetz.

How to Redeem Weis Gas Points at Sheetz

Let’s check step by step guide to redeem weis gas points at sheetz; customers must pick up a new Weis Preferred Shoppers Club card at any Weis Markets’ store. User can earn gas reward points on purchases in Weis Markets stores; when they use their Weis Preferred Shoppers Card. By collecting points on the MySheetz card, user will climb the Sheetz rewards rankings from fan to friend to maniac; according to the supermarket chain.

As per the latest, the company operates 162 stores in five states, in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Maryland. If you have a question; when do current Weis gas points expire this month, then check here.

how to redeem weis gas points at sheetz

The store is a partner with Sheetz convenience stores and gas stations which offer a chance to earn rewards points for discounts on gas purchases to their grocery store shoppers. This program is not available at all stores but the company is continuously increasing its stores. The store offers its customer Weis Preferred Shoppers Club card along with gas reward program for Weis-owned gas stations.

Now let’s check how to use weis gas points at Sheetz.

Where to Redeem Weis Gas Points

  1. It is essential to obtain Weis Preferred Shoppers Club card to get gas rewards. The card is available at customer service desk of all participating stores. Without Club Card, you will not take advantage of gas rewards.
  2. Present the Preferred Shoppers Club card every time when you go for purchase at Weis. If you purchase of at least $50, you will award 10% discount per gallon up to 20 gallons of gas. You will earn 20% per gallon discount on the purchase of $100. With the purchase of $200, you will earn 40% per gallon discount. Gain rewards are printed on your grocery store receipt at the bottom side.
  3. You can redeem these points in the redemption period only at specified participating Sheetz gas locations which are located in the Sunbury, State College, Altoona, Harrisburg, Frederick, York, Lancaster, Bloomsburg, Williamsport, Reading, Scranton, Allentown and Bel-Air areas and used before it expires. The expiry dates are mention on your receipt at the bottom of it.
  4. Go to participating Sheetz gas pump and swipe Weis Preferred Shoppers Club card. When you swipe card, it will ask you to accept the discount. Select “Yes” if you want to apply for a discount. After that, refill gas as you normally do.
  5. The discounted price will be shown on the display when you have used a total of 20 gallons. If you wish to fill more than that, you need to start a separate transaction for which discount price will not apply.


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