Myharmonyportal: Harmony Portal Login Guide

Introduction: Myharmonyportal

This article is all about the harmony portal login guide or about myharmonyportal. You can find details or information this web based interface.

The Jitterbit Harmony Portal (Harmony Portal) is web-based interface where you access cloud-based Harmony applications, including Cloud Studio, API Manager, App Builder, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator.

You can also download other Harmony applications and features from the Harmony Portal that you can install locally, including Private Agents, Design Studio, and Data Loader.

After logging in, the Harmony Portal landing page presents. The Harmony Portal landing page provides access to cloud-based Harmony applications, shows organization statistics, and provides links to support, learning, training, and documentation.

As you move between the Harmony applications, elements of the Harmony Portal can be accessed by clicking on the header located at the top of your screen.

Notable among those features are resetting your account details, changing your default organization, and changing your password.

The Harmony Portal Landing Page and Harmony Portal Header are the elements of this portal page.

How to login to Harmony Portal

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click on “Claim My Account (students)”

STEP 3: Answer the following questions: First Name, Last Name, Birthdates and Student Number

(If the student number is not known please email Ms. Blalock, [email protected], or Mr. Montero, [email protected])

STEP 4: Create a new password

STEP 5: Answer security questions

STEP 6: Login into Harmony Portal

Username: (Student Number)

Password: (Password that was created in step 4)

Myharmonyportal Change Password

After login to the myharmonyportal Account if you want to change your login password you can do it with following some steps: Go to

To change your password, click the disclosure triangle next to your name and select Change Password. This opens a new page where you can update your password.

Provide your current password and a new password meeting the stated security requirements. Then click Save:

On saving the new password, you remain logged in only in the current browser application or browser mode (if using a private browser mode such as Google Chrome’s incognito mode).

You are redirected to the Harmony Portal landing page in all open windows and tabs in the same browser application or browser mode where you changed the password.

If you were logged in using any other browser applications or browser modes, you are automatically logged out. Enter the new password to log back in.

Myharmonyportal Log Out Process

You can manually log out of the Harmony Portal. If you don’t log out, the Harmony Portal will automatically log you out after 4 hours of inactivity.

The 4 hours of inactivity is based on the user data stored in your browser’s local storage.

To log out, click the disclosure triangle next to your name and select Logout. You will be returned to the Harmony login page.

If you are logged out due to inactivity, the Harmony Portal login page is displayed with a URL that identifies the location you were last accessing.

When you log in again from that screen, you will be returned to the same screen and organization you were accessing when you were logged out.

In conclusion, the Harmony Portal login guide provides a simple and straightforward way for users to login and access their myharmonyportal account.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can easily and quickly login to their account and begin using the portal. Read More Articles On dailyrewards.