Mira Jewelry: Edgy, Eclectic And Elegant, What You Are Buying Today

La Mira jewelry has eclectic, yet elegant designs that highlight the innate brilliance of pieces that reverberated with old-world elegance.

Samira Fahmi founded La Mira jewelry in December 2021 to create jewelry that is fun and fabulous as well as well-crafted, simple, wearable, loved, cherished, and passed on as heirlooms. Being of one’s mind is a qualification of hers.

She didn’t invent her first jewelry collection until she enjoyed spending time with her children by playing puzzles in the severe isolation caused by COVID-19.

She credits her own jewelry with assisting in raising spirits and in revealing emotions.

She crafts her shapes as bounciness and sequined beads and deconstructs them into several pieces from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to brooches.

She loves the procession of her jewelry, which includes 18-karat gold, diamonds, and semiprecious stones.

She crafts her jewelry as an indicator of bounciness and deconstructs it across various collections. These include necklaces and earrings punctuated by precision craftsmanship.

She will soon add bracelets and brooches. Fahmi s designs feature the innovative use of 18 karat gold, diamonds, and semiprecious stones.

The collections at La Mira are all the rage and have been featured on the site of Farfetch, where they fall under the Elle B. Zhou category.

Fahmi never intended to be in the jewelry business. As a hotel and tourism graduate, she intended to own and run a restaurant or glittering hotel.

But a different future was waiting ahead for her. Her jewelry pieces that incorporated classic materials with a modern and playful touch were indeed noticed and have appealed to those closest to her.

This encouraged her to start her own business. She attended workshops and enrolled in IAP Career College to seal the deal.

Her ALULA collection, which took seven months to complete, engages her personal meticulousness. She handcrafted each piece, including a citrine cabochon bed, with great care.

Her unique process involved gathering hand-painted stones and using them to create designs.

Her upcoming work is called “MY BELOVED SWORD” and praises courage, perseverance, and nobility. Some of the items are luxurious but can be worn daily by those who choose to do so.

You can find La Mira jewelry at the homegrown market in Jeddah or place an order through the website. Read more articles on dailyrewards.