Key Facts about Dying without Health Insurance

Key Facts about Deaths Due to Lack of Healthcare

There have been three health studies on the topic that the people who don’t have health insurance are more likely to die rather than those who are insured. The School of John Hopkins made survey of uninsured persons on the basis of race, age, and gender and found that 60% uninsured children turn to death who were hospitalized without health insurance. The surveyors have taken survey of 23 million records of hospitalized persons and found that between 1988 and 2005, there were 16,787 deaths of children in hospitals due to lack of medical coverage.

Health insurance covers risk of health care expenses of insured person or group of persons. In return, insured person pay monthly premium, tax or any agreed amount for health insurance coverage.

A most popular Harvard University has reported that uninsured patients with traumatic injuries were likely to die in the hospital about two times more than insured. The university found that most of the uninsured patients have chronic illness and undiagnosed. They were not getting proper treatment for heart attack, strokes, kidney failure and other major disease. The researchers of Harvard University surveyed about 16000 uninsured adults and found that 46% of them were not aware that they were suffering from diabetes, 52% people unaware about high cholesterol they were caught and 58.3% had poorly controlled blood pressure.

Some experts believe that emergency care is equitable but the research of Harvard University prove them wrong and say that uninsured person did not die due to non-coverage but they are dying due to delays in transfer from hospital to hospital, different level of care and difficulty in communication with doctors.

According to research, the uninsured were 80% more likely to die than those with insurance provided by private insurers and Medicaid program of government. This is caused because of above mentioned causes. Private hospitals generally wait to stabilize health of patient and then send uninsured elsewhere. This transfer may become a worst condition for patient and increase the rate of deaths. However, research did not believe this.

As per the analytical data by National Trauma Data Bank (that includes more than 900 U.S. hospitals), commercially insured patients had a death rate of 3.3% but the uninsured patients death rate was almost double i.e. 5.7%. However, this topic needs more analysis of patients and finds the answer by taking more surveys whether more uninsured people are dying than people who are secured with health insurance.

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