How to Delete Friends from Snapchat : Unfriend Somebody

How to Delete Friends from Snapchat

Let’s get full detailed guide on How to Delete Friends from Snapchat. The relations are not same as for every time. It is possible that, user once adds any person as his friend in Snapchat and later on, he needs to delete him/ her from friend’s list. To delete any friend is very easy as well as quick process if users know all options of this application. Let’s check steps to unfriend somebody on Snapchat. Remember one thing that, all history of snaps will be erased from account, once it deleted. However, friends can be added back after removing from account but they will no longer in best friend list after delete their name from the list.

It may make relation worse between two friends if such friend knew that you have deleted him/ her without strong and valid reason. To avoid confusion, it is better to tell them about your problem why you are doing such.

How to Unfriend Somebody on Snapchat

First make sure that you really want to Unfriend Somebody on Snapchat because, you will lose all history once choose an option to fire anyone from the account. To delete unwanted Snapchat friends, carefully read the instructions and follow the given steps:

  1. The very first step is to sign in with Snapchat. Open the application on any device whether iPhone or iPad or Android Phone.
  2. After that, click or tap on the list of friends’ button given at the bottom right side of page. A list will open with all friends’ name.
  3. To delete particular friend, tap on the name of a friend. At very next to their name, a little gear option will be shown at the top right. Choose the “Delete” option from gear options to erase name. Now, it will be deleted from friends list.

This method is the best from any other method to delete anyone from the list of best friends or from the top list. After this, if anyone wants to add them back, he can do so. But remember that, they won’t be included in best friend.

How to Delete Multiple Snapchat Friends?

Follow the same procedure to delete multiple Snapchat friends from the list of friends. There is another option also to delete feeds received in account. In the settings option in the app, there is an option to clear the feeds. To delete friends, then erase all feeds from the menu.