How to Cancel GAP Insurance with CarMax

If you’ve purchased a vehicle from CarMax and opted for Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance but now find yourself wanting to cancel it, you’re in the right place. This article will guide you through the process of canceling GAP insurance with CarMax, ensuring you understand the steps involved.

Understanding GAP Insurance

What Is GAP Insurance?

Before diving into the cancellation process, it’s essential to understand what GAP insurance is. GAP insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, is designed to cover the difference between your car’s actual cash value (ACV) and the outstanding balance on your auto loan in case of theft or a total loss accident.

Why Cancel GAP Insurance?

There are various reasons you might consider canceling your GAP insurance, such as:

  • You’ve paid down your auto loan, reducing the gap between the loan balance and the car’s value.
  • You’ve refinanced your auto loan with better terms.
  • You’ve sold or traded in the vehicle.

Steps to Cancel GAP Insurance with CarMax

Review Your GAP Policy

Start by reviewing your GAP insurance policy documents. Look for information regarding the cancellation process, any associated fees, and the contact details for CarMax’s GAP insurance provider.

Contact CarMax

Once you have a clear understanding of the policy terms, reach out to CarMax’s customer service. Explain your intention to cancel the GAP insurance and ask for guidance on the specific steps you need to follow.

Gather Required Documents

CarMax may request certain documents to process the cancellation. Be prepared to provide details such as your loan information, vehicle details, and any relevant paperwork. This information will help streamline the process.

Request a Cancellation Form

Ask CarMax’s customer service representative for a GAP insurance cancellation form. This form will likely require your signature and other essential details. Complete it accurately and promptly.

Submit the Form

After filling out the cancellation form, submit it to the provided address or email address, following the instructions provided. Keep copies of all correspondence for your records.

Confirm Cancellation

Once CarMax receives your cancellation request, they will process it and confirm the cancellation of your GAP insurance. Make sure to check your communications and bank statements to verify that no further GAP insurance premiums are deducted.


Canceling GAP insurance with CarMax is a straightforward process when you understand the steps involved. Review your policy, contact CarMax, complete the necessary paperwork, and confirm the cancellation to ensure a smooth experience.


  1. Is GAP insurance refundable?
    Yes, GAP insurance is often refundable. If you cancel your GAP insurance before the end of the coverage period, you may be eligible for a prorated refund of the premium.
  2. Are there any fees for canceling GAP insurance with CarMax?
    CarMax’s GAP insurance cancellation process may involve fees. Review your policy documents and contact CarMax for specific information on any associated charges.
  3. Can I cancel GAP insurance at any time?
    Yes, you can generally cancel GAP insurance at any time. However, the refund amount may vary depending on when you cancel in relation to the coverage period.
  4. Will canceling GAP insurance affect my auto loan with CarMax?
    Canceling GAP insurance typically does not affect your auto loan with CarMax. It primarily impacts the coverage for your vehicle’s value in case of a total loss.
  5. Can I cancel GAP insurance if I’ve already made a claim?
    Canceling GAP insurance after making a claim may be more challenging. Contact CarMax’s customer service for guidance in such situations.

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