Flappy Bird Tricks and Tutorial Scratch online

Flappy Bird Tricks and Cheats

Practice and concentration is must to complete any target. Flappy Bird is a very popular and addictive game ever. Here are some Flappy Bird Tricks and strategies that will make master in the game. These cheats will increase the score more than 10 points and also higher than that by giving time and practice. Remember that, Flappy Bird is a mobile game released in May, 2013 and closed by the end of the January, 2014.

Flappy Bird Tricks – Practice

There is no short cut for success. The same way, continue practice lead towards victory. By continuing FLappy Bird Tricks – Practice day and night, one may score more through the game. Try to get time for playing in break or lunch time and focus on the game while playing. A mental and muscle memory is required to be a master in this game.

Flappy Bird Tricks – iPad over iPhone

Everyone likes to play on bigger screen than smaller one. Normally, iPhone carry smaller screen then Android phones and iPad. Big screen helps to increase scores very easily because the visualization is clear and navigation is easy when playing on an iPad or comparatively big Android smart phone instead of an iPhone. Many people notice that they consistently got a few points higher on every game by playing on big screen.

Flappy Bird Tricks – Get A Rhythm

Constant practice is required for any work done. Likewise, in this game also maintaining a rhythm is first necessity. While a player able to maintain a consistent rhythm, he knows when to tap the bird up and when to let it fall down. This is possible only after practice more and more.

Flappy Bird Tricks – Stay Low

Regular players know very well that the bird moves up quicker than it moves down. The speed is at least double while bird moves up than it falls down. Therefore, it is better trick to stay low when climbing pipes or the bird up.

Flappy Bird Tricks – Remove Distractions

Do not play in disturbed atmosphere. Make sure that you won’t be distracted while playing a game. It is better to play in garden, quiet room or a coffee shop where complete peace is there. Choose a noise free place or a place where there aren’t talking people if doesn’t found garden, quiet room or a coffee shop. While playing on phone, turn off notifications button because it distract mind during game and may cause a crash. Instead that plays a light music that also makes a good mood.