Georgia Department of Labor Jobs

Georgia Department of Labor Jobs

Everybody has to look for a job and it is difficult to find a good career. In order to help citizens, the Georgia Department of Labor offers an online job search service.

By doing so, they help job seekers to search for satisfactory work and also provide them with training programs to improve their skills as well as make it easy for employers to find qualified, hard-working employees. The Georgia Department of Labor also runs the unemployment insurance program of the State of Georgia.

To search for work, you have to go to the Georgia Department of Labor website. The website is updated with the job information every day and one can search and view the latest job available. The website also offers skill evaluations, provides resume improvement advice and training, and labor market information services.

About The Georgia Department of Labor

The Georgia Department of Labor is an administrative agency of the Georgia State government. It was founded in 1911 and is in charge of administering laws relating to working in the State of Georgia. It helps work-seekers improve their skills and find a job and runs benefit programs for families in need.

How can you find a job with the help of Georgia Department of Labor?


  • You must have internet access.
  • You must be a legal resident of the State of Georgia.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Georgia Department of Labor home page at then click on the link “Find a job”.
  2. Several sources of information will be displayed. Choose the one that suits you best. For a job in the state of Georgia or with the government, you should click on the first link marked “Georgia Jobs Plus” which contains all general in Georgia and the American Southeast.
  3. You can look for Georgia in two ways:
  4. Either Choose the “Keyword(s)” option or you can also search by category. Provide the adequate information and then just click on the box marked “Search Jobs”.
  5. Very soon the search results will be displayed. You can view the list that meets your requirements and apply according to the contact instructions in the listing.
  6. 5. For any further questions, you can always visit the website:


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