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Find a Doctor with the Help of Login - EMIS Access Online Login/emergency contraception patient UK doctor: Everybody needs to consult a doctor for one or the other reason at one or the other time. For a layman, it is never easy to decide on whom to consult. It is a blessing and very welcome if one can be helped to find a right doctor. And if such help is available online, it is very helpful. is one such online service available and finding a doctor with this website is a free online service.

It allows you to search the site and you get a section of relevant links and from the links provided you can get the most comprehensive doctor information you require. This online service is developed not-for-profit.

It is very easy, simple and quick to search and is also very effective means to find a doctor for UK citizens. You also come to know about whether the doctor has found is registered or qualified or not. Moreover, once you have registered with the site, you can also book appointments with your own GP and allowed to order repeat prescriptions.

About Patient UK

Patient UK is the most trusted medical resources in the UK. It is a joint venture between PiP (Patient Information Publications) and EMIS (Egton Medical Information Systems). It provides an online resource to the public with up-to-date health and disease information and a wide range of medical and health-related information to the Patient as well as the health professionals.

It also provides an access to a collection of up to 903 evidence-based leaflets that have been compiled by a team of experienced doctors. The Patient UK has reached to millions of people and has been a great help to them.

How to Find a Doctor with the Help of


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Click on the “Information for Patients” displayed on the left of the page and select “Find me a …” from the drop-down list.
  3. The results related to will be displayed as follows: “Doctor – GP”, “Doctor – NHS Specialist”, and “Doctor – Private Specialist”.
  4. Click on the relevant links provided by Patient UK to find a doctor in your area based on your requirement.

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