How to Replace My Rewards Card

Replace My Rewards Card

Reward Cards are generally made of plastic or paper material looks like a credit card or debit card. This is a medium to identify a person (card holder) as a member of loyalty program or reward program. Here we get guide or help for replace your rewards card.

reward card replacement

These cards are known by many names such as Point Card, Reward Card, Discount Card, and Loyalty Card based on country. Reward Card is a convenient to carry and it includes a barcode or magstripe which can be scanned.

Many companies offer credit cards that come with reward point system. When you purchase anything, you will be awarded with some reward points in percentage of purchase amount. When you collected enough reward points, you can redeem them for additional purchase, merchandise or discounts.

Reward cards are established to make a customer regular visit of the store. Sometimes it may happen that the card lose or stolen, at that time, you should take require steps to stop misuse of the card. You can report at your company about lose or stolen and get a new Reward card which is free. Following are some steps to be taken to replace a card.

Instructions to be followed to replace a Rewards Card:

  1. There are many circumstances where you have to replace your card. You have to make a complaint or apply for new when your card stolen or lost or become scrap. There is a simple process to replace your rewards card. 
  2. Go to the store which has issued your rewards card. Go the desk of customer relation manager’s desk and ask if he can replace it. Some of the stores can replace it on the spot or some require go online and report of lost or stolen. 
  3. If they ask to report online, go to the official website of reward card’s company. Login to your account by enter user name and password. 
  4. A screen will open with your account information. You will see the links showing lost/ missing/ stolen card links. Click on appropriate link and insert required information such as personal details, number of issuing cards and other details.
  5. It is advisable to check the balance when you replace your points. Log in to your account to check whether the balance is transferred to your new card.  
  6. If you not found your Balance in your account, immediately contact the customer care executive personally or on telephone number. You will found customer service number on the back side of the card.
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Mail Rewards Club Card Login In -

How to Join in the Mail Rewards Club Card

About Mail:, now becomes second biggest selling the newspaper in the United Kingdom. It publishes regular news copies from Monday to Saturday and special copies with sub- magazines on Sunday. It also ranks number three in the circulation of all the English language daily newspapers in the world. Here we get step by step guide for mail rewards club card login, it is very useful for new users.

Mail Rewards Club Login In

Mail Rewards Club:

  • It is a club set up by Daily Mail to provide special rewards for the readers of the Mail. Every reader can get the chance of becoming a member by collecting unique numbers from Saturday and Sunday Daily Mail which also contains Weekend Magazine on Saturdays and Live Magazine on Sundays. 
  • You have to collect your unique number, generally given in back page of the newspaper, and enter them into your account. Unique numbers are 12 digit numbers appear on the bottom of the back page of the newspaper every day. For every collection, you will be rewarded with different awards. For example, if you get 7 numbers out of 8, you will get Gold Rewards. By using them, you will get free movie tickets, meals, DVDs, many popular and famous stores and much more.

How to make an account get rewards?

  • Before getting register, read the Weekend Magazine on Saturdays and Live Magazine on Sundays and collect the Unique Number cards to enter into your account. 
  • Go to the link and click on “Join” button on the right-hand side of the page. (It is also known as mail rewards club card login)
  • Provide your personal information such as your name, date of birth, email address, etc. then choose the appropriate password to access your account.
  • Click on “submit” button after filling details. You will now able to access your account and you become a member of Mail Rewards Club. 
  • You need to enter collected numbers before every fourth day from the date of publication. Check your account information regularly so that you know on which day you should enter numbers. 

Mail Rewards Club points:

  • Unique numbers have mail point value. Usually, the value of each Mail point is different on respective days. The unique numbers, you collect on Saturday and Sunday have more values. Collected mail Reward Points can be exchanged for FREE Rewards in the Mail Rewards Club Shop. Mail Points are automatically banked every time you enter your Unique Numbers from your newspaper and successfully complete the On-line Verification System. Your Mail Rewards Club Bank Account balance shows how many Mail Points you have earned.
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Activate My Subway Gift Card - How to Get a Subway Rewards Card

Activate Rewards Card

Subway gift card activation: It is an American restaurant and one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with 39,282 restaurants in 102 countries and territories. It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and second largest restaurant operator in the world. Here we get guide for 'how to activate my subway gift card?'

Subway's menu varies between countries. The main product of subway is Submarine Sandwich. Besides that, it also sells wraps, salads and baked items such as cookies, doughnuts, and muffins. To attract their customers and provide more benefits to regular customers, Subway has launched Rewards card that will allow you to earn rewards points to get free food.

Every time you eat at participating Subway Restaurant, you will earn one Rewards point for each dollar that you spend. When you have collected enough Reward Points, you can redeem them for free food products.

Procedure to Get a Subway Rewards Card:

  1. Go to your local participating subway restaurant. At the main counter, ask the cashier for subway reward card. Reward cards are free and you will earn reward points from purchasing items with any method of payment whether by cash or credit/ debit card.
  2. After getting subway rewards card, launch your internet browser and go to From the home page, click on “Register” or “Sin Up” at the bottom of the page. Here, you have to fill details like your name, address, email, other information and click on "Submit". 
  3. Enter your active email address and check it twice. Subway will send you a conformational email. Open it and click on "Confirm" link in the email to complete your registration process. Login your account by using username and password. 
  4. Now, add your Rewards card to your account. On the bottom right-hand side of the page, click on “Manage Cards”. You will be asked to enter Card Number and PIN in located box and then click on “Add Card”. 
  5. Your Reward Card will show in your account and registered in your subway account. Whenever you swap your card at participating Subway, reward points will automatically credit to your account.   

My Subway Card:

The Subway Card is safe, secure and convenient to everyone at every visit to Subway restaurants. This card also proves best gifts for those peoples who like to go for the healthier fast food choices. You can add money to Subway Card any time and also see your earlier transactions from the Subway Cash Card management site which is recorded in your account.

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How to Rewarding Employees for Performance - Reward Staff

How to Reward Staff Performance

Rewarding Employees for Performance: Many employees suffer from decreasing morale because of un-appreciation or under-appreciation. To appreciate employees, companies or organization has established a reward program system that attracts, motivates and retains employees.

Rewarding Employees for Performance
There are many ways to reward employee’s performance and select the best reward suitable for both company and individual.

The reward or bonus system can be made according to company policy or it may be a part of incentive structure. In companies, rewards can be in the form of incentive, perks, advancement, bonuses or promotion received on the basis of individual performance.

Tips to Reward Staff Performance:

  1. Always praise employees by praising them between the staff for their work and performance. Employees want their efforts known to everyone.
  2. Frequently make treasure chest events to finish the target. An appraisal can be made with the items such as letter openers, mugs, T-shirts, logos, etc. Award the best participant for mentioned items.
  3. Appreciate good behavior employees by clap, or a bunch of helium balloons also makes it easy. 
  4. Arrange challenging tasks so that employees can feel the new experience. Generally, they are bored with sublunary works. New tasks will help them in developing new skills, learning something new and reducing workload. This is essential because it indicates that you believe in contribution, acknowledgment, and capabilities.
  5. Another way is to create an album or photo gallery of employees along with the name and joining date which helps to know each other and will help to increase bonding in employees.
  6. Provide educational programs, training or seminars. They will expand employees' skills and knowledge. It will prove beneficial for both the employee and the company when the employee broadens her expertise in the specified field. 
  7. Another step you can take is to introduce Deserving employees to important clients, key suppliers or senior management. These will help to boost employee’s career and his self-confidence.
  8. If the employee achieves new skills, update his knowledge or take additional responsibilities, appreciate him/ her by increasing the salary. 
  9. Make a Wall of Fame. In a firm, create a space to display the photos of employees who increase fixed goal or reach at specified position by giving many years of satisfactory service.
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Shell Drivers Club Login – Shell UK Telephone Number

Shell Drivers Club Login

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. It employs more than 87,000 employees in around 70 countries and territories. It provides transport fuel to through service stations in the UK. Its products and services are designed to meet the needs of businesses from the construction industry to aviation, chemicals to shipping. Here we get guide for Shell Drivers Club Login and if and problem then contact on their UK Telephone Number.

Shell Drivers Club Login – Shell UK Telephone Number

Shell Driver’s Club was designed by famous oil and Gas Company in the world, ‘Royal Dutch Shell’. It’s headquarter is in The Netherlands and its registered office is in London, UK. This is a Club which gives you rewards with one point at every liter of fuel you buy. Collect this points every time and you will be sent rewards automatically each quarter. You can choose any option from Money off Shell fuel, Waitrose Vouchers, AVIOS, Donations towards CO2 Reduction Schemes, Gift Cards, and Charity Donations, etc.

Their members will receive regular bonus points throughout the year. Once you join the Shell Drivers’ Club or Shell V-Power Club, you can get manifold rewards as a privileged customer of Shell and even earn money off vouchers to save your petrol fees. The Cub send you your quarterly statement or through mail or e-mail promotions. You just need to do is register online your card number. However, without registration you can spend card amount but will not enjoy extra benefits that you receive by becoming a member.

Procedure to join Shell Drivers’ Club and Earn Money off Vouchers

  1. Go to any participating Shell Service Petrol Station and ask for Shell Driver’s Club Card. You will be awarded the card at free of charge. 
  2. Then, visit their website and click “Join In”.
  3. Now enter your Shell Driver’s Club Card nine digit numbers in provided box after 700405. Write your personal information such as name, address, email address and other details. Email address is necessary to provide so that you will know the latest promotion offered by Shell.
  4. Once you registered your card, you will immediately get 50 points in your account. With every purchase of petrol at Shell Service Station, you will get points of your petrol purchase. The thing you need to do is to provide Club Card number at petrol station.
  5. When you collect enough points, you will exchange or redeem them for any benefit listed by Club. For example, by choosing money-off vouchers, you will save some money when you further pay for your purchase of petrol at their Petrol Station. 

Shell Drivers Club UK Telephone Number for Contact

Call on 0845 900 6008 - This line is open Monday- Friday 8am-7pm. If phone call once be connected, then press option 2.